In honor of Record Store Day I’d like to share a few of my favorites.#recordstoreday #audiophiles

My custom guitar picks.

Circa 1995 #throwbackthursday #tommyhilfiger

At a totally rad art opening enjoying free wine.

Some things never change. #throwbackthursday

I started out making tacos, this is how it turned out. I’ve Been having trouble staying focused lately. #kale


Much thanx to the amazing “Only Beast” it’s always a pleasure to gig with you guys.

Everyday should feel this good.

One day while strumming my guitar I randomly remembered a conversation with a old man. He mentioned going to hell and I said there’s no such place. He then replied ” Once you die that’s it ,huh?” and I said “Yep” and he just laughed. Then somehow that lead to me to thinking about how as humans we are organic beings and on a molecular level we are composed of the same material as the trees. So I wrote this song about that chain on random thoughts.

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